Technology Solutions
Rose International has a strong track record of bringing innovative Information Technology Solutions to our customers. Whether you need an enterprise strategy, customized applications or you simply need to tap into our knowledge centers for industry best practices, Rose has the expertise and commitment to support your organization through:

Our Capabilities
We have the capabilities to provide a variety of solutions for our customers. Our solutions can help your organization achieve its strategic goals. We work to improve the efficiency of our clients' operations, while supporting their overall mission. Our solutions can help reduce existing costs, while avoiding future impending costs.
At Rose, we are the leading edge in the application of technology. We continue to focus on meeting the ever growing demands of our industry. We understand the importance of understanding and remaining responsive to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Learn More About Our Past Performance
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Rose International was founded by Himanshu Sue Bhatia in 1993 and is one of the nation's leading minority- and woman-owned providers of Talent and Technology Solutions. From day one, Himanshu Bhatia has led Rose International's organic growth to now serve clients in all 50 states and employ thousands of great people across the U.S. As focused as she is on driving growth, Sue Bhatia has also been featured in many news articles and publications for her efforts to help promote and develop female and minority entrepreneurs around the world. That she gives back is no news to her employees, as under Himanshu Bhatia's leadership, Rose International employees have supported dozens of charitable causes through the years.