New Residue Analytical Chemist Job in Chesterfield, MO!
Position Title: Residue Analytical Chemist

Position Number: 340351

Location: Chesterfield, MO 63017

Position Type: Long Term Contract

Required Skill Set:

Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Chromatography, Laboratory

Position Description:

**C2C is not available**
**Only U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the U.S. can be considered as W2 candidates.**
Location: Chesterfield MO 63017
Duration: 1 year to start
Title: Residue Analytical Chemist

Residue Analytical Chemist
The Bayer Regulatory Sciences Environmental Safety Team in St. Louis is seeking Residue
Analytical Chemist Contractor to support new and existing product registrations and product stewardship for Bayer''s global agricultural chemical portfolio. A technical background in laboratory sample preparation and mass spectral analysis of small molecules is required. This role will focus on processing samples from various matrices (air samplers, soil, water, and plant) for analysis and developing analytical methods.
? Prepare samples from various matrices (e.g., air samplers [PUF], water, soil, and plant) for analysis via LC- or GC-MS/MS
? Support the development of analytical methods for trace analysis in various matrices
? Design and program liquid handlers to aid in preparing samples for mass spectral analysis issues
Required Education and Skills/Experience:
? Minimum of a Bachelor degree in Analytical Chemistry or a related field of study
? Experience with wet chemistry sample preparation (e.g., extraction, LLE, SPE, concentration,
etc.) for instrumental analysis
? Hands-on experience in analytical method development with emphasis on liquid
chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) based techniques.
? Candidate must be self-motivated and detail orientated
? Excellent oral/ written communication and interpersonal skills
? Agility to work on multiple projects/tasks
Desired Education and Skills/Experience:
? M.S. in chemistry or scientific field, or B.S. in chemistry or scientific field with 1 - 3 years of industry experience
? Experience with utilizing and programing liquid handlers for high throughput sample
? Strong chromatographic and separation science skill sets
? Demonstrated effectiveness with continuous/process improvement

• Why is this position open? Growth on the team, turn over, skills gap? Open position due to growth on the team.
• Location of this role (CC, North Campus, Chesterfield, etc)? Chesterfield
• What is a day like in this role? What 3-5 responsibilities will occupy their time? Process residue samples, conduct residue analysis via LC-MS, order supplies, and check safety measures throughout the lab.
• Who will this person work with on a daily basis? Senior and junior team members.
• Tell me about the team dynamic/culture. The team is a relatively large team, 13 team members, with a mixture of senior (+15 years’ experience) and junior (3-6 years’ experience) members. The team conducts trace residue analysis of pesticides in variety of matrices (plant, animal, soil, water, and air) using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS instrumentation. The team culture is a collaborative team that is highly interested in learning, growing as one, and being innovative.
• What are the ‘must haves’ to be successful in this role? Have a base understanding of laboratory based studies, but willing to learn new techniques and technologies. Enjoy being a part of a larger team, and working with a variety of team members on different projects.
• What is the long term plan for the role? Annual extension of the role.
• What will make this opportunity stand out for potential candidates? Experience in conducting LC-MS analysis and processing samples.
• Is this more maintenance or new development work? Combination of both.
• What kind of soft skills are you looking for? Team player, willing to learn, and will communicate issues promptly.
• Are you open to candidates relocating (on their own) or do you prefer local candidates? Local candidates

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